Friday, October 25, 2013

The illogical me...

My heart always knew....
Knew the fact that you are gonna let me go..
But the foolish me kept hoping....
Hoping for you to change..
Change in a way that I always desired for..
It seems so illogical when I think how madly I chose the path for myself..
Path that I knew had no destination...
Destination that I thought would be my dreamland...
You have easily left..
Left the world I created for us...
It's my immaturity that has brought me to this phase..
I can't blame you..
Nor can I blame this destiny..
Whom am I to blame this for??
Ma dumbness?my senseless love?
My over expecting attitude?or is it me??
YES...the sole and the only  reason is me..


  1. hey noopur..hw hav u been? i m vei sry fr sch late reply :(
    nd yea u very right...its actually very tough indeed :/

  2. u knw Palak, d moment wen in our heart sumthing starts pinching nd d result is uneasiness in our relation wid the better half, at dat tym u start feeling sumthing is nt ryt, its lyk ur heart is tearing apart, d worst part is we can't do anything apart frm one only damm thing "Hope", a hope dat everything will be alryt, no matter wat i'll keep myself calm nd patient , wud try my level best to make sure dat d person whom I love doesn't leave me half way down d lyf.... i knw hw it feels "HOPE", its the worst word in english dictionary..... bt few things r juz meant to be, u can't help, bt 1 thing m damm sure abt it, we shudnt blame ourselves 4 anything dat doesnt go in our favor, no matter wat never blame urself , u gave ur 100% in a relation or even more dan dat bt if d other one doesn't understands nd leaves u den it his fault, nd in return juz "Shine Like a star" so dat whenever he looks up in d sky wud regret d most precious nd shining Star frm d Sky......

    nd yeah ofcourse another worth reading post frm my favryt blogger... :) :)

    Keep Smiling, God Bless You, Tc


    1. welcome back ma favourite blogger buddy :)
      and i wonder how come u connect to posts soo well...n everytym u guess thngs m going thru sooooo well :(
      and indeed u r ryt..i gave ma 100%....n now...i hav moved beyond d wrd called hope..n i wish,...dat i keep expectations from sm1 in future only wen sm1 is worth it :) :)
      nd u keep visiting :) u knw na,,,ur comments make ma blog worth :) tcr :) god bless :)