Sunday, June 2, 2013

We Chat~the New Way To connect~anyone,anywhere~

Hey I need to talk,
Hey I need to say something special,
Freak You n me are just so far,
Oh god this distance makes talking just so hard!
Well an end to all the compromises on the chubby chit chats with all your special someones :)
WE CHAT the latest new app to keep you close with your near ones!
Voice messages,Group chats it's no more a dream,
Keep talking,keep saying the endless i miss you's without any limit no matter how far you are from him :)
Five people that I would connect to in a group chat.The people I've always wanted to meet..the people I will always admire :)
1)My Dream man: Ranbir Kapoor :) <3
 I love you the most in this entire world (after Rishi uncle and Neetu aunty ofcourse) :) 
You are the man of my dreams and always will be :)
There isn't a single day when I don't drool at your pictures and say oh man you are so freaking hot :P
I love you and that's what makes you the most special :)
Let's go on a date because i wanna tell you that even cupid knows that ma love for you will never fade :)
2)My favourite writer: Chetan Bhagat :)
I am too small to be judgmental about you but you write your soul out when it comes to your novels :)
3 mistakes of my life,Revolution 2020..two of the best novels I have ever read :)
I admire you n love you for the magic that you create with words in your extremely lovable novels :)
Respect for you comes from within :)
3)Parineeti Chopra: Well the cute adorable advertisements that you've done to promote "We Chat".Girl you are the actual reason I got crazy and inclined to get "We Chat" so soon :)
Specially the "acha toh hum chalte hai" one  :)
You are perfect in your job and that is what made you meet success at it's best!
If I could describe you it would be "an epitome of cuteness" :)love ya!
4) My favourite director: Late Mr.Yash Chopra 
If I know what is LOVE it's just because you showed it's true magic in your movies sir :)
Chandni,Dil toh pagal hai,DDLJ,Veer-Zaara,Jab tak hai jaan
Names are enough to make me leave all ma work and just get stick to my tv screen :)
If people call me romantic :) well you are the man who created that essence called romance within me through the magical love stories :)
I miss you....and  you truly are the "man of Romance"
5)My favourite Designer: Manish Malhotra :)
You are the king of fashion industry for me :)
From a simple suit to a glamorous backless gown :)
From a plain red saree to a heavy bridal attire..
It's perfection,grace,elegance and style :)
Style addict :) You made me that :)
Your super classy stylish designer wear is what inspires me to dress well for every occasion:)
You rock sir :) <3

For more info about the amazing app called "We Chat" click here :)
* p.s this is my entry for the "We Chat with anyone,anywhere" contest being held by Indiblogger.


  1. Quite a interesting post .. liked it !

    All the best for your contest..


    1. thank you so so much :) glad :) ~cheers~ :)

  2. Yar ur posts hv gt a side effect too (in a +ve way ofcourse) , after reading dis 1 I immediately downloaded dis app , though I already knew abt it bt ur post generated an interest inside me ki Palak ne likha hai to kuch to baat hogi is app me , nd guess wat I really lykd it aur haan 2mne ye download karwaya hai to mujhe add bhi karna padega, ye punishment hai 2mhari ;) ;) hehe ....

    Btw awesome post frm my only favryt blogger nd writer Palak....
    Esp lines writen by u 4 sum well known personalities r really amazing... nicely expressed...

    All the very best 4 ur contest ... Gudluck...

    I juz wanna say ....
    "Hey I need to talk,
    Hey I need to say sumthing....."
    Lets "We Chat"..... :) :)

    Keep Smiling..... God Bless You... Tc


    Ye lo sabse imp baat to kehna bhul hi gaya.... ur new Dp is very captivating.... u luking fabulous , pretty nd charming :) :)

    1. :) :) :) thnku thku thnku thnku thnku thnku thnku thku thnku thnku thnku thnku jitna marzi thnx bol lu mai..its jst so less to express the feeling dt i feel wen i read ur such beautiful comments :) it jst gvs a warm pleasure :) thnx for being so regular in reading ma posts n making it worth :) tcr ..n stay happyy olws :)

  3. A good one :D
    Good luck for the contest ;)
    And thanks for stopping by :D

    1. thanx a ton :) glad u liked it :) keep visiting :)