Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby it's love just say yes-part 2

Waiting at da airport for AAkash,he would be here any moment,seeing him after 10 long years!
Within fractions of secs its him standing beside me ..oyeee i agree  i ve grown very handsome bt still recognise toh u mst na :p
BLANK....how can som1 luk so damn good looking:)  before i could actually say something AAKASH hugged me tight n said I MISSED U BESTIE <3
n my my ma plumpy kid sameera is no more plump :) u look gorgeous bebes!
gave him da flowers while way back to home,he was still a big chatter n me i was actually just seeing him speak as if i had found ma missing part!!
Mom n dad left da world years back,AAkash was a moral support for me inspite being so far!
Having food,introducing him to alisha,going for a dinner out ,a nite long of gossips went on n da day passed :):) :) :)
HE was staying at some hotel as alloted to him by him company,
so there started da day n nite hang outs together,lunchs,dinners,icecreams,fun rides,dats we did as soon as we finished r office work :)
we da bEST BUDDIES were back !
15 days had passed since aakash had come!!
n one day we went for a borne fire nite wd r frnz where AAKASH said he loves ..it was a proposal i guess hehehe :p
come on sameera say yes da sound of ol frnz was something too loud :)
Answering was'nt tough coz finding love in ur bestie is da bst thing one can find!!
so yess !! i said yess things were different now :)
YES!! AAKASH N SAMEERA were now a couple !!
*p.s wd the part 2 signing off promising to return wd da part 3 soon :) cya tcr!


  1. another beautifully penned work.... and will be very eagerly waiting for the next one to come....

    1. nxt part will be updated soon :) happy dat u liked it eeeeee!! :) :)*blush :p