Monday, April 30, 2012

INsidE mE!!

       It's a silent love that lies inside me for you,
       It's a silent story that lies inside me for you,
       It's a warm feel of expectation that lies inside me for you,
       It's a faith that  lies inside me for you,
       It's a gentle touch that i felt with you once that lies inside me for you,
       It's just you...who lies within me ...inside me.deep inside.!!


  1. this silent love sometimes makes u cry...sometime smile.....
    this untold story sometime hurts ..and ...sometimes it soothes you.....
    sometime it make you feel empty...lost.....worthless...sometime gives you a new high...
    it changes its flavors every now and then.....but it never vanish,,,, never ever....
    anyone can very easily relate himself to these lines
    beautifully expressed....
    loved it :)

    1. thanku so much..n wonderful lines dat u ve writn..lovely :) n ya love can nva vanish :)

  2. so u back after exams.. or rather i shud say 'back wid a bang'...
    superb...... loved each line of it....i dun hv words yaar.... i think u justify watever u hv written abt urself in ur profile esp "wD TRuE LoYaL EfFoRtS".... :) :) :) :)

    Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc...

    nd hey hw wer ur exams.....


    1. ya m back :) well i believe in loyalty..nt only in in ech relatnshp we hold :) thanku so much fr ur praise yr..n xamz were quite gOOd :)

    2. yups.. same here... even i do blv in giving my 100% in every relation we come across in this beautiful jurney cald lyf.... dats the best thing we can do so that everyone remembers you for good nd not only remembers bt also cherishes the memory of being with you....

      nd i praise coz you deserve it..... gr8 dat exams wer gud... :) :)

      Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc


  3. Few things get embedded within us forever and nothing can take it away from us not even time.

    1. yup v true dey stay inside us forever! thanx alot fr ur comment :)