Tuesday, April 24, 2012


                                                   pHaSeS  Of  tHiS LoVe  sTOrY- part 1
love..a small word ..within which lies loads of phases hidden inside,

PHASE 1(DA PERIOD WEN having me in his life was da only thing mattered)>>
entring da class seeing him waiting for me standing beside a seat to make me sit on his seat,
with a huge smile greeting me n making me sit! like a p-e-r-f-e-ct gentleman indeed!
long conversations going on n on through out da day until da teacher used to say..hey you both..
please concentrate..:).. treating me as a friend..bt inside yes i knew dat he felt inside..umm may be!
times n days passed n passed..probably seeing him wait was da best part of life..
may b i was used to da factor "HIM" inside...
may be he could'nt ve even  expressed if we won't have played da game of truth n dare that christmas day!
ummm probably da best game i eva played! :)
wen a friend asked him do u like her or do love her?
looking at me lil scared but yet so true n finally saying I LOVE HER!
a 1000 watt shock for me indeed lol!
accepting your feelings in front of so many was da bst thing you did DUMB!
well may be dat was da day wen i felt may b even i liked mre than a friend!
long chats n talks..care affection..making me eat like a kid..awww!
n finally wen u said dat ....to me""I LOVE U BABY..LOVE YOU VERY MUCH..
 saying with warmth looking in ma eyes wen he saiD "may b having you in ma life is what m waiting for"!
just a smile n then it was yes from my side!
da most truthful phase of a love story is always da initial phase...
nothing can ever compete it....
first phase of this love story..is wen u find in each other ""DA TRUE YOU""
           *p.s dis was da first phase which r olws magical! :)..for da second phase of this love story i l be
             back soon!take care u ol!


  1. well i wud be waiting eagerly for second phase of this love story.....
    only one thing cud say abt this.... "Magical"...

    and hey btw nice template.. i lykd it..

    so u back after exams or wat.....

    Keep Smiling.. Bless You.. Tc...


    1. umm jst 1 mre xam on 27..bt i cud nt resist maslf from writing..as things were stuck in ma mind lol! glad dat u liked da template n da 1st phase of da love story 2 :) will be back wd da 2nd phase asap! :)
      ya i knw its really magical..or i shud say it WAS!! tcr :)

  2. hmmmm 1 more to go... gr8.. All the Best for the finale......
    and yeah it's always gud to pen down ur thots buddy....

    "WAS".... i dun knw why bt hv started hating this word...
    bt u knw wat Palak "It's better to be single nd happy rather than to be with someone who does nothing while u're doing everything...

    i wud be waiting for this "Magical" 'phases of Love story(i guess it's ur)'... nd m glad dat u hv decided it to share wid us.....

    Keep Smiling.. Bless You..... Tc


  3. I remembered few golden dayz of my life reading this

    two word for its simplicity:- "stylishly simple"

    1. @shiv"s ..glad dat u visited ma blog..n really thanx alot fr ur appreciation :) :) n if things we read make us relate r lives wd it..thn i thnk ma writing got success indeed :)keep visiting :)

  4. all the while i was reading it .... i was smiling and smiling and smiling
    beautiful as always...
    adorable as always..
    and i loved it as always :)

  5. all the while i was reading it .... i was smiling and smiling and smiling
    beautiful as always...
    adorable as always..
    and i loved it as always :)

    1. thanku so vry much..it makes me feel so gud wen u ppl like ma posts...thnx a ton :) n ya ds phase is really magical dat it keeps making one smile :)