Saturday, May 19, 2012


CRAZY!! the true word to describe the present scenario ! :)
time to look up smile again with loads of spark n hapiness!!
umm coz da reason of hapiness is back! :)
FAITH works !! oh yess it does ! :)
well bad times do end one day or the other!!
GOD he does truly exists must say!!!
He hears da prayers n here da world from ME N U is 'US' yoh!
well a few days break with no communication does works to boost up da realization of true need!
distance does sometimes proves to be beneficial in a relationship! be it friendship or love,
it's good sometimes to stop talking for sumtym to make da inside u knw how much does
he/she cares, give it a shot,just don't loose faith!
if it's meant to be it will surely work!
ma post is for ol da people who loose hope that things once messed up cannot work!
it can ! i strongly believe it can :)
life does not end with one wrong saying or a damn bad fight,
life is wen u feel inside to say SORRY!
life is wen each point of time u remember oh he/she used to tease me like that :)
life is wen u smile thinking of stupid fights u had with them,
life starts wen accepting that oh man yes i want HIM/HER back no matter what i got to do for it :)
If u have them all no power will make u loose him/her! :)
with loads of positivity hope to see u ol soon :)


  1. eat,pray, love and have faith i guess

  2. hmmmm u knw it's always gud to read ur posts.... well written i must say.....

    nd yeah i truly agree wid u Palak... at times distance does boost ur relationship be it Love/frnds/family.. coz at tht point of tym
    u're able to realise the genuine feeling for the other person.....

    read somewhere "If my absence has no meaning in one's Life then my presence is not even worth in other's life",

    it's really true buddy coz the moment we start missing some1 frm our life, thts wen we realise how much imp tht person
    is to us, if things go vice-versa den it means the bonding we shared wid each other was juz 4 the sake of being 2gether
    we never accepted each other wid open heart...

    gud to see "loads n loads of positivity in ur posts".. keep it up...nd dun 4get to tell us d reason behind it.. :) :) :) :)

    Keep Smiling......Bless You.. Tc


    1. yup u r completly ryt! :) absence teaches us alot!! :) in true way ! yes ds postivity is back coz i got ma reason of happiness back in ma life!! :)

    2. nw dats sumthing very nice to knw..... B+ve yar.... :) :) :) :)

      Keep Smiling.... Bless You...Tc