Thursday, May 24, 2012

PhAsEs OF LoVe sTorY-pArT 4

                                                   PhAsEs OF LoVe sTorY-pArT 4
Dis is da part 4 of the love story,da last part!(HE REALIZED LOVE N WE R TOGETHER AGAIN)
Time passed,days,months,an year complete! 5 october visting da class with a firm decision in ma heart,
that today i m gona ask him what he wants,if he loves me then accept it if he does not then no point lingering this depression more,
i asked him for his final answer about US,
n it was a yes! :) yesssss ! first tym in ma life may b i loved that word completely :)
he accepted me back! he accepted US back
he realized that living without me isn't possible for him!
i agree it wasn't! neither for him nor me!'
it was a fact we really loved each other madly!
Conditions made it harsh!
he was rude n ruthless at times!
But forgiveness was ma choice!
A gap of one complete year could not fade away da love!
I was happy! may b even above then the cloud nine :)
people near me did feel i was a fool giving ma guy another chance after so much through what i suffered but
let go wasn't meant to be, may be!
giving up wasn't ma choice,making him reailze da beauty of ds wonderful relationship that we hold was ma choice,
i don't regret waiting for ma guy! i believe in GOD! the all mighty!
Even though now it has been approximately two years of togetherness we still do fight,misunderstand,
get angry! but at end we know we r mad for each other :)
Even though like ol stupid couples we still do have small temporary breakups! lol
but may be it's a part of life!
Our relation has no promises,no boundatins,no securities n assurities of a future together!
but i believe i should rely on god! he s dere to set things ryt!
may b he s not that mad fot me the way he was before he got ma YES in da first phase of ds love story!
BUt love is bout accepting all that happens!
n i do accept! coz one day he will truly b mad fr ds gal like no1 else!
Phases come n pass! ol that stays is LOVE," unconditional love fr ech othr!
There exists FAITH N LOYALTY above da thing "LET GO" n "MOVE ON"
dats what i chose!
n with true loyal effort i beleive things will be best forever! where he l be sure enough :)
 so with final phase of ds love story i hope u ol loved it  :)
tcr u ol :) 


  1. congratulations on getting him back in ur Lyf buddy... m soooo sooooooo Happy for you....
    i wud lyk to say "Lucky Palak"..... very few get this chance in lyftym i.e. to win back the one u'hv luvd frm deep core of ur heart....... GudLuck wid him for next phase of ur Love Story.... All The Best....

    nd yeah ur 'phases of love story' was nd is indeed 'Magical' ...keep dat fire alive in both d hearts....Best Wishes...

    Keep Smiling... Bless You.. Tc....


    1. thanku so much sandeep :) i agree..may be m really lucky to hav da hapines back in life ,i hope da realisation increases n makes thngs forever :) n thanku fr da compliment for pic :)

    2. all the best for ur 'share of hapynes' ....
      :) :) :) :)

      Keep Smiling... Bless You....Tc


  2. nd hey btw Beautiful display pic...... :)

  3. wowww......a happy ending ...... :) :)
    all four parts were truly awesome...
    and i agree with your final note one has to choose faith and loyalty above move on.... true feelings brings out the best...

    i really would be looking forward for few more stories :)

    1. hey thanx alot :) yup u r ryt its vei imp. to choose faith n loyalty..coz at tyms movng on is not da option! hope to bring up mre entertaining stories :) thanx again :) keep visiting !