Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BaBy it's love just say yes! -part 1

                                                 BaBy it's love just say yes! -part 1
Wake up!!!!!! sameera wake up!!
wtf alisha!why r u yelling aaaann at 8 in mrng like a fire alarm!! :/
ummm alisha my room mate,ma frnd,ma loveable sis n ma only companion after ma parents passed away 7 years back!
h-e-l-l-o madam u got to wake up coz as much i remember ur childhood best friend Mr.aakash is coming today! :)
oohh shit damn damn m late! his flight is at 12 noon..i got to dress up,have to make his favourite chocolate brownies,n da italian lunch,then get his favourite yellow carnations from way n then at sharp 11.30 i got to be at airport ! ggrrr i have so much to do !
Damn u alisha u din't make me awake on time...
huf huf running in chaos u girl will make u even late alisha yelled at me,
just make up da batters of your cooking stuff n then freshen up! huh u n ur lazy drama! :p
perhaps m nthng wdout ur advices alisha love u sexo!!
shut ur cheesy lines n work nw or AAkash will make u cheese :p
lol! hoh its 11,,have to run! food is ready,u just keep it in fridge,m off to airport now or else i'll be late n aakash will kill me!
AAkASH,ma childhood friend,he went usa 10 years back with his family!
He was somehow ma best friend n a true guide! som1 i misssed each day!
m excited to meet him after 10 long wud he look..his reactions after seeing me!
Will he like ma blue n white dress? da flowers m carrying?
Tons of questions messing up ma mind thruout da way to airport!
(to be continued) :) asap!! cya soon with the part 2 !!:) tcr ol!


  1. those ggrrr.. ummm.. and all other unorthodox way to express emotion really add up the spice to the story .. once again a lovely plot liked it :)

    1. hehe yup dese r actualy ma daily terms dat i use :p hehe thanx aton fr ur comments..was missing ur comments snce long :) welcm back