Friday, October 5, 2012

Our love is 2 Years old(Happy Anniversary)

Two years of togetherness,
Two years of Love,
Two years of passion,
The passion of love!!
Times of joy,times of laughters,
Times of smiles,Times of fights turning disasters,
Times that made me happy with you by ma side,
Times that gave me tears when you said good-bye,
We loved,we fought,
We fought,we loved,
But all that remained was the intensity of true love,
We crib,we shout,WE make fun,we annoy,
We irritate like hell,at da same time wait for the peaceful bell,
We change,we remain same,
We expect,we shatter,
But all that stayed was the Expectation of a love never ending,
We hugged with the warmest touch,We touched with a tender rub,
We kissed like it was our first always,
we mixed our emotions into a meaningful relationship always,
Two years passed by by being you n me as US,
Two years passed by teaching us the meaning of TRUE US,
I am grateful to you for all that you gave,for all that you did for me,
And most of all for giving me the most precious jewel of life "YOURSELF"
Happy anniversary to us ma love :) happyyy two years!!LOVe ya <3
 *p.s i pray that may this bond last forever n ever!
 A forever that will never matter how complex things become...
 Love will be present olws all times,be it calm,be it war..It might seem invisible,but at da end it will last!


  1. Congrats dear. I wish you stay together for years n years:D

    Sayantini Bhattacharya
    another part of me

  2. thanx a heap fr ur wishes :) :)

  3. There should be a like button too..,,
    well watever..,,

    and loads n loads of wishes to you both..,,

    Its great to see love at its height..,,


    1. thanku so so so much :) n i really hope ds love stays frvr :) N superlike fr ur warm wishes.. :)

  4. hmmmm... do u really want me to say sumthin abt dis....haan Palak...... alryt.. alryt....hehe....god why do u even write so beautifully ki m compelled to praise every single word scribbled on ur posts...hehe.... :) :) :) :)....
    pehle to congratulations on completing 2 yrs.... m proud of u buddy...... nd really very very happy 4 u... wish u loads of luv for cuming year..... cherish every moment,feel every second nd love each other till the depth of ocean......

    i also lyk d pictures which u put in wid ur posts.... really worth it yarrrr....

    "Love will be present olws all times,be it calm,be it war..It might seem invisible,but at da end it will last!"... luv dis line......well said... :) :)

    yarr ab anivrsy pe gift dene ki to banti hai... wo bhi online.... to wat i thot ki 2mhe my favryt romantic muvis of all tym ki list deta hu 'as promised'.....

    dis list was created by me... m trying to update it as nd wen i get tym..... do lemme knw ur views abt d list..........

    Keep Smiling..... Bless You.... Tc


    1. eeeeeeee m so so so happyy reading ur awsm comment :) n u knw wat u make ma posts 10 on 10 wd ur lovely comments..n each wrd u ryt is like feels direct frm heart :) n gna surely c da list soon :) n will tell u hws it..n chalo ne na sahi apne toh gft diya heheheh :D thanx buddy :)

    2. toda high dose hogaya ... neverthless congratz to everybody involved in this anniversary moment .. directly/indirectly !

  5. Beautiful pictures, Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you have a wonderful day!! =)