Monday, October 29, 2012

Made For each other

It wasn't so easy nor was it tough,
What all it took was the essence of love,
I was young,so were you,
You took the step I just followed you,
You held ma held,We passed phases too,
It seemed a dream,
A dream come true,
It was LOVE,Love that grew,
All it was about we,just me n you,
Walking paths with no fear or gloom,
Sitting beside for an hour or two,
Hugging long and holding me like glue ,
Pissing me off and apologizing too,
Looking into ma eyes saying "  I Love you"
Lying in ma lap saying Wana grab you :D
Your naughty pranks to your annoying craps wohohoohoh,
Your endless apologies to drama mess huhuhuhhu,
It's all adoreable,awesome i can say
We together the adorable mess :p
  *p.s You n me are meant to be :) Made For Each Other :) :)


  1. loved the rhyming of dis post.... word by word....well written.....

    its beautiful hw in one post u tell the longing for him nd den in the other u make every reader feel d depth of ur love for him... hats off to u nd ur lovely blog Palak.....

    i cud feel the purity of the love dat u behold in ur heart for him... indeed he is very lucky to have some1 lyk u.. who is deeply,madly in love wid him.....

    by reading ur post i can say that
    *ps you nd him r meant to be 2gether... really made for each best wishes r wid u... may he understands the love u possess 4 him in ur shiny little pure heart......

    i can sense dat the heart dat pumps blood in ur brain to write all dese lovely nd amazing post of urs is really a cute lyk teddy bear,pure lyk 24K gold,sweet lyk Dairy milk, nd adorable lyk Palak Dua..........

    Keep Smiling... Bless you.... Tc...


  2. yar thnx alot fr da ds such a shugar coated comment :) :) ds comment is indeed adorable :) n yep u r ryt m mad heheehe completely :) fr ds bond :) n ur wishes really....... mean alot :)cute lyk teddy bear,pure lyk 24K gold,sweet lyk Dairy milk, nd adorable lyk Palak Dua..........dats ultimate :) thnku buddy :)

  3. Replies
    1. :) thnx dear :) u ppl make ma wrk worth :)

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  5. Such a sweet piece of work. I can see it coming straight from the heart. I think I have missed a lot over last month or so as I was absent from blogosphere.. Nevertheless.. great work Palak! :) :)

    1. thaku so so much fr ur sweethrt comment :) n yup i 2 missed ur presence frm da blogger world :) welcome back

  6. Replies
    1. thnku so vei much arish :) i guess its ur 1st visit :) m glad :) keep visiting :)