Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Story of a Woman-part 2

I went through so much..
I died within each day,
Those bastards kept raping me day n night,
They kept using me throughout,
I could not utter a word,
Ma tears never stopped,
Ma pain was unbearable,
He sold me further to a lady called Mala Bai,
She was a dealer of escorts,
Ma life was gonna be hell I could sense that, with each new breath i took,
I was renamed as Chameli by Mala Bai,
That wasn't ma dream,
I dreamt of an identity given to me by ma so called parents,A name with sign of love that i wished ma parents could have given me,
Two names ..two lives ..two disasters...that isn't a gal's dream when she is born.
But that was a destiny written for me,the harsh destiny because I was born as a female.
I was dressed up as a beauty each day..
But it was of no worth,I was just a mere Dummy who was dressed up so that one can make her the source of Lust..Lust of sex...
I decided to away from the world of women prostitution,
They ran behind me..I kept running...
I was far n far way..but they kept following....
I succeeded but ma life could never be normal..
A women's NGO though took me away when I was seen fainted on a road side..
But life will never be okay..
I am no one today,
I am just patient no.*97 In a mental asylum,
Mental asylum because trauma that i went through is something i can never recover ..
trauma equivalent to death....
I am a no one..
I am a shattered woman who might just end up dying in this asylum,
I m no one for anyone,I am an orphan,
I have no friends,
I lived without love,I will never be a wife..Nor a mother..
I will die as nothing just because "I Was Born As A girl"
 *p.s this story was potrayed by me just to express that females are a form of God,stop killing them..They have a right to live....:(


  1. hey.....hw r u.....

    well i was surprised of "No Comments" on this blog of urs..... guess u missed me... :D
    hw can one miss the '2nd part' of a very very nice article... though it takes the reader into a meloncholy mood...
    bt reading it also makes us feel 'The Perfectionist' behind dis post of urs..... i have always been admirer of ur blog
    Palak... nd if u keep writing such articles trust me... a day wud cum wen I keep refreshing ur page juz to check...
    whether a new posts has been written or nt in 'Castle' by her 'Queen'.....plz dun do it... hv gt lots of work pending in my ofyc..hehe...:) :) alryt stop smiling nw nd read below
    wat hv to say 4 ur blog nw.... :) :)

    Palak......u hv written the truth or shud I say 'Bitter Truth' of society in dis post of urs.....dis is story behind
    most of the escort or prostitutes......why I say 'most of'.. yeah.. dun be surprised.... coz I did a research on dem around 2 year back....
    studied abt dem a lot...the result was shocking..... apart frm the story portrayed by u.... few gals do it 4 money...
    more surprisingly.... hold ur breath....even der r few gals who do it(prostitution) 'juz 4 fun'....yups it's true... A Dark faced truth.......
    i met(ofcourse nt 4 d same reason every1 does) few dats why i knw it..... dun be shocked buddy.... u'll find every kind of people in dis society.....
    apart frm the ones i hv mentioned most of the gals wer dragged into dis 'Red-Light-Area' coz of der basic need of daily amenities.... i.e. Money....
    few gt dumped by their BF's, few wer sold by Parent/guardians,our fashion world is also responsible,....
    der r various reasons Palak..... bt still der is only one question.... 'WHY' ????? i guess der is no justified answer for dis......
    let me stop here.....

    Hope one day when i get up frm my bed.. wud see a clear sky...... till den... juz let it be....

    nd hey btw... luking very pretty in ur new Display pic... :) :)

    Keep Smiling.... Bless You... Tc


    has dis been a long comnt kyaaaaa..... hehe.... aise hi pucha...

    1. ummm kya khu samjh mei he nai ara...i m into shocked condition snce many days hearing loads of cases that have just made me lil too depressed..i wana thank u fr taking out time frm sch bsy really means alot...n secondly i d k hw to tok of it..i cud jst talk ma heart out thru ds story up2 an extent!! n i hope so too dat 1 day we might be safe!!! n olso 1 day ds poverty jst vanishes so dat no1 is forced to get in2 dat red lite zone :( :(

    2. n ya thanx fr da compliment fr dp <3 glad u like it hehhehehheh :)

    3. It Happends only in India.... juz let it be buddy :) :)