Thursday, May 8, 2014


I often find people around me always giving me heaps of suggestions and philosophical one liners about happiness,
some of  them  feel staying sad is my hobby maybe,
You can't really explain to the outer world how the inner sadness can actually cause a complete mental destruction,
People might be there to listen up your problems ,your issues,
but at the end it's only YOU alone who has to deal with the mess of life.
I grew up...I grew mature rather!
How sick sadness can make you make you disastrous the unhappiness in life can be!
You don't necessarily need heaps of reasons to be happy, but then you need at least one ? 
SOMETIMES things aren't wrong  but then they aren't right too.....may be not right enough to make you happy!!!
Happiness seems so expensive at times,
Happiness seems to be a prolonged hunger...the acute starvation ...
I haven't had my share of happiness till now may be....may be its too late to feel the thing called happiness....or may be my time is yet to begin..
At the end I would say just one thing "Happiness seems to be a myth at times"


  1. Happiness can not be attained when you are too sad... May God bless you and pour happiness in your life :)

    1. thankyou so much noopur :)
      long time ? glad to see you back :)
      stay blessed ..keep visiting :)

  2. hi palak.
    I feel there is inner happiness but we do not call it happiness because happiness is something which is there when it is shared. and in inner world there is happiness which only one who has can acknowledge.

    1. hello pankaj :)
      your thoughts that you shared were full of positivity and i really loved them :)
      I will surely introspect and give a thought to the thing called inner happiness :)
      keep visiting :)

  3. It's a myth and it is over hyped too. Quite thought provoking, Palak.

    1. Indeed over hyped.
      Thank you so much :)
      take care :)