Monday, May 19, 2014

Let go...

Life is too short to live with regrets,
someone somewhere said that long ago!
And I guess I can feel the depth of this quote today..
You can't chase people who are meant to leave your life,
all you are born to do is to chase your dreams.
Dreams that would never fade no matter how adverse the times get,
some people do enter our lives but that doesn't mean their presence has a forever trade mark.
You learn get shed tears..
but then there has to be some end to the darkness of life..
There has to be a time when finally you reach your saturation point..
and that's when you become the" real you"
Everyone lives phases of life for someone ...part of life you call,attachments,care,affection..
All these are part of life aren't they?
But then their does lie an individuality in each bond of life.
You can give up everything in a relationship..but self respect? 
A true bond will never ever take you to a stage where your self respect is at stake.
So when that saturation point comes in your's the time to say "pack up"
How difficult and painful it can be to quit much it can effect you in near future is something you can't judge..all you can do is looking at the brighter side of the scenario..
You learn to let go learn to let go people..and most of all you learn to let go the past
"IF you are not happy from cannot keep someone else happy too"
Unconditional exists ,but then there lies the thing called expectations too...
For me expectations have been always from people I have considered special..
You don't expect from you?
It is Just you who  knows how much painful it is to let go...but then you know its for the betterment isn't it?
Bad times don't stay forever...good times come too !
God isn't cruel..he is a mere tester..he tests your patience!
With time we all grow up...we grow mature rather..
Life is too short to chase people who don't value you,somewhere,someone does know your real worth...and that someone is on his/her way :)
Life isn't about the final is about the journey ..the journey you got to cherish..
Happiness,sadness,love,hate,desires,ambitions,ups and downs,traumas and joys,
Its all a mix :) The mix you can never judge or predict..all you can do is accept it gracefully :)
Not all flavours can be bitter after all..sweetness is destined to come some or the other day :)

  *p.s It takes huge courage to speak,understand and follow the logic called 'LET GO",but time is the best forgive,you trust,you get ditched,you trust again...the life cycle continues..
you can't stop forever after all..let the phase!!! Live the sadness,it taught you and gave you thing called sensitivity,cherish happiness,it made you realize the charm of life,appreciate people who left,they made you stronger,love people who put an effort to make you feel special :) :)


  1. "Unconditional exists ,but then there lies the thing called expectations too...
    For me expectations have been always from people I have considered special..
    You don't expect from you?"

    So true Palak. I know cuz I have lived this agony all my life.

    Your words resonate a thousand echoes, a million cries of countless broken hearts. They are so poignantly composed.

    Very well written Palak.

    1. this agony is so painful..ppl who have gone through it,can only feel the pain..!!
      Glad you could connect to my words so well Anupam..
      Keep visting :) ppl like you make ma blog worth !
      thankyou so much for your appreciation
      take care :)

  2. At last ! ^_^ :*
    P.S. beautifully written

    1. Yes bebe finally :) :*
      thanks a lot :)

  3. Sometimes it is not easy to let go afterall we carry things with us because of emotions and feelings. But one always give a try :)

    1. yeah i agree noopur..its not easy at all..but then do we have an option except letting things go? there has to be an end to the thing called wait too? isn't it?
      The decision of let go is crucial,painful too..but then you won't regret it in future :) trust me on that .
      keep visiting take care :)

  4. you don't need to be away from darkness to be real you. The real test is whether you can be real you even in the darkest phase of your life. And also a relationship based on expectations will create issues, test is to move above expectations and go to a higher level of understanding.
    Which can't be achieved if you don't understand yourself first.... you can never make others happy, if you are not happy ...
    Overall, nicely written lines... enjoyed reading them (Twice) ...

    1. Your lines made me think in a completely different way :)
      thank you so much for visiting my blog!
      "TEST IS TO MOVE ABOVE EXPECTATIONS"~loved this line
      keep visiting,take care :)

  5. Birds with wings fly high. And you will soar too.
    Your writings has matured and it's amazing how you convyed every emotion.

    *hugs, <3 *

    1. thankyou so much :)
      Feels great to hear that :) #love#
      take care :)

  6. Inispiring :* great work ..#true emotions

  7. Truly inspiring..."Unconditional exists ,but then you?"!! so true...Keep blogging :)

    1. thank you so much for dropping by vishal :)
      glad u liked my work :)
      keep visiting ,means a lot :)