Thursday, February 20, 2014

I died made me die..

You and me have come to an end
It has been long since I realized the fact we won't last,
Not that I din't know we were meant to end,
but may be I always tried to keep myself in the false hopes of thing called LOVE,
Post trauma of this breakup has been all the way more devastating although..
Not that I wasn't prepared for it..
but this much pain? ugghh
I feel pity for myself,
Last 5 years have been painful..being with you wasn't full of happiness but yet I found a home in that sadness itself!
I haven't have had the best of prince princess love stories with ya..nor i ever expected much,
But what about the endless efforts that I kept making for this bond of ours'
Life is moving at its fast pace..I am trying to move n catch up too..
But where am I?
Am I moving with it?or am I still stuck with those memories!!
People,friends,strangers all together are trying to make me move on..
I talk to unnecessary people just to divert maslf from the thought of depression!!!
Sooner or later we both will move on..but where is the real me?
Has he ever realized the essence of true me..the real me that has lost!!
He can see me smiling in pictures..he can see me with new friends..
But has he ever realized how pain lies inside me?
Has he ever tried to look inside the depth n see how suffocated I am...
He blames me for everything today..He feels I m not effected..
Can't he ever re-read our old conversations where I literally have begged him for his presence in ma life..
Life won't stop for the regrets I have..nor will it take me back to the past to make corrections!
But what about ma soul's death?
I have died within..I might be in a new life with the passage of time..But will I ever be able to give ma real self to someone again?
One broken relationship can suffocate you to death inside..But why few people can never realize that pain!!
I have suffered for you,with you..
But the pain is endless...your thankless attitude makes it worse!
I don't expect you to say sorry..but I at least expect you to feel the guilt ....The guilt of devastation you have caused....
In the end I have just one thing to say...I loved you like one else would love you ever!! Good luck!Have a great life!

 *p.s It's very important to value the relationships that are present in your life! Stop taking your loved ones for granted..The pain you cause for them is not bearable..believe me! take care all!


  1. Poignant and I so agree with P. S.

    Loved this phrase, 'I found a home in that sadness itself!'

    1. Thanku so much :) ur comment means a lot :) keep visiting keep blogging (Y) :)

  2. "Life won't stop for the regrets I have..nor will it take me back to the past to make corrections!"....
    true....n agree with you,nicely written palak:))

    1. thankyou so much ankita :)
      keep visiting :)

  3. Totally felt the emotions conveyed in the poem...But ya the best part is P.S :D ..Keep blogging :)

    1. thanks a ton :) :)
      take care :) keep visiting :)