Thursday, October 9, 2014


Its a strange evening today,
an unusual evening I believe,
there is some detachment that I can feel all around me.
Detachment that seems to be making me feel hollow inside,
I dressed up for no one this evening,
I just felt like wearing the best gown in my wardrobe,
setting my hair in as perfect way as I could,
wore the best red heels I have ever had in my collection,
looking into that mirror applying that finest stroke of liner ,
the eyes are still red I whisper to myself.
There isn't anyone waiting tonight,
there isn't a horn I could hear outside home calling me,
there aren't any missed calls or waiting texts to be replied by me,
I can see the sun set from this window,
sipping his favourite wine I can recall all the words he said while leaving.
I recall that indifference in his eyes which I saw that night,
that night where my journey ended,
the journey called love.
This evening has that dark impact,
this sunset makes me feel detachment all over,
I have forgotten to smile from within,
I probably have forgotten to wake up with non-swelled up eyes,
I look perfect this evening but there isn't any perfection I feel inside.
Its a beautiful evening,
yet I just feel detachment all around,
probably I have detached from all possible sources of affection and happiness.
Its a strange evening,
an unusual one I believe.
  *p.s I saw this picture randomly somewhere and there were heaps of thoughts that came rushing into my mind seeing this,I wrote what ever my heart said :-) Take care everyone :-) *love*


  1. Poetic prose, and yes, it does look like the aftereffect of that journey's end. Poignant.

    1. Thank you so much Vinay, Glad you visited my blog and made it beautiful with your comment :)
      The journey's end ,you said it all in these three words :)
      keep visiting n take care :)