Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Never ending insecurities of life

Insecurities of life,
they seem to be never ending,
You tend to loose yourself in this chase of life,
probably its a human nature,
How far you gonna go,
where will this journey end,
you can't predict,
yes you can make heaps of assumptions and perceptions,
but at the end of the day where do loose yourself in these unending battles?
I have no answers for these never ending hopeless questions and nor Do I have the strength to chase things any more,
I probably have learnt that sometimes let go is the only option you have,
not everything can be as per your expectations nor can everyone make you happy.
Everyone is going to hurt you sooner or later,
you just got to trace the ones who are worth it,
Not everything is meant to make sense but someday everything will make perfect sense,
someday even imperfect logics will sound perfect
and someday those shattered bits would give meaning to a selfless unconditional love,purity and a life that would make you feel solace.

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